NAMM Sponsors International Society of Music Education's World Conference in Beijing

The association supports global music education event filled with sessions, speakers and songs.

The 29th ISME World Conference, held during August in Beijing, attracted the largest audience ever—4,000 delegates and nearly 1500 from 65 countries—to explore and share all aspects of music education and learning.

Hosted by ISME, the China Conservatory of Music and Music Education Branch of Chinese Society of Education, the conference featured 900 presentations with workshops, roundtables and more to generate ideas for innovating education and music education research.

A large-scale multi-media concert opened the event, showcasing music and dance cultures from around China. Other highlights included distinguished keynote speakers and a special session, Showcasing the ISME-Gibson Awards, presented by ISME President Håkan Lundström. Nearly 50 performances also created a unique experience for attendees.

“NAMM is proud to continue its support of ISME and its mission to provide access to music learning for people of all ages,” says Betty Heywood, NAMM’s director of international affairs. “This goal is shared by NAMM’s global Membership, and our association with ISME provides many opportunities for respective Memberships to work together and increase both in and out of school music making opportunities in many countries. The partnership between ISME and NAMM has a lot of potential to significantly advance our shared mission to assure that every child has the opportunity to learn and grow with music and that music making and learning are experienced throughout a lifetime by people every where.”

“The ISME World Conference in Beijing was a unique opportunity for Chinese and international music educators to get to know each other and exchange ideas,” says ISME President Håkan Lundström. “It was an impressive manifestation for music education that may very well play a role in future Chinese education policy. The cooperation with and support from NAMM are crucial to ISME's capacity to succeed in supporting music education worldwide through world conferences and regional activities.”

In addition to NAMM, conference supporters included Nanchang University, the Chinese Musicians Association, the Beijing Government, Hailun Pianos, Dr Sun Music, Eurovista Arts Management and the Gibson Foundation.

The 30th ISME World Conference will take place July 15–20, 2012, in Thessaloniki, Greece.