Remembering Karl Bruhn

Karl Bruhn‘s influence in our industry may not be fully understood for decades to come. His visionary efforts to link music making with higher brain function and improved health and wellness were at odds with some industry members who often saw things in terms of the next big promotion.

His countless acts of little courtesies and kindness to the NAMM staff are legend. Birthday cards, well wishes for an ailing family member or simply remembering the name of the new intern were all examples of what made his regular visits so special. He taught people through examples and stories and did much more listening than speaking.

As a deeply practical and humble man, he put service to others first and knew that ‘doing well by doing good’ was a worthy goal and a life well-lived. Our hearts are broken; we pray for his family and will never forget his legacy.

To hear more of Karl's own words, you can view a segment from his 2008 NAMM Oral History.

And here is a great video depicting Karl's life from an event last year at Yamaha