Midwest Dealers Attend NAMM University Retail Operations Camp in Chicago

June 17, 2003

More than 30 retail owners and managers from around the Midwest recently attended NAMM University’s Retail Operations Camp, presented by the Friedman Group’s Norby Rudel. Although the valuable two-day seminar typically costs $795, NAMM University students were able to participate for only $245.

Held in the Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates, the event taught attendees how to create a more objective management and sales culture where salespeople can more easily identify their individual strengths and areas of improvement. This process, in turn, helps retail owners and managers assess the performance of their sales associates in a more objective and fair manner.

“This training scored a bulls-eye for us,” said Dan Herbert, vice president, Willis Music Company. “It addressed all the nagging issues that surface daily in running a music store and provided solutions that are measurable.”

“It’s great to see so many dealers taking this kind of training and using it in their stores,” said Randy Beck, NAMM’s director of professional development. “In today’s market especially, managers have to find ways to effectively run their operations, objectively manage their salespeople and find ways to free up some of their precious time.”

Robin Walenta from West Music also praised the course, commenting, “It was very informative and we all went away with new ideas that will help to grow our business as well as increase the number of people participating in music.”

NAMM University offers a complete curriculum of courses designed to help NAMM Members succeed in business.