SlideWinder Co.

SlideWinder™ Ring -- (new guitar/uke/bass/banjo player's tool): Using Magnets to Make New Music.
Demonstration featuring: Electric Guitar (plus alternating with: Acoustic Guitar, Ukelele, Hawaiian Steel, Banjo, etc.)

Alex Calder, Inventor of the SlideWinder Ring, demonstrates new sounds achievable with "active analog" -- a new class of player's tool for stringed instruments -- using magnets to make music.
Mr. Calder explains: “It’s a magnetic ring you wear while playing a stringed instrument. That's it. It works equally well with acoustic or electric instruments.”
"It literally 'forces' the player to play correctly, and instantly -- since magnets are doing the 'work.' It takes seconds to generate perfect slide-playing technique and sounds -- no exaggeration. Seconds! We have classes of 10-year-olds playing slide guitar cleanly after only a minute of instruction. It's remarkable."
"Since the ring stays completely out of way of ALL fingers – it's nondestructive -- meaning it’s ALL gain, and NO loss of playability. Players discover novel playing possibilities with the SlideWinder Ring – new sounds -- many of which are new to music."
Live booth evaluations will follow this demonstration.
For further information, please contact:,
Alex Calder: 415-706-9412