See What the Industry is a Saying About NAMM and the Entertainment Technology Industry



“Having the Parnelli Awards and Pro Production at NAMM is a great idea. I have been going to NAMM for years and I always get a ton of business done there. Now, I will be able to get even more done.”

Dave Shadoan, president, Sound Image





“This exciting change of venue for the Parnelli Awards Dinner is a winner for the touring industry. NAMM will become the forum that pro lighting, staging and audio companies have needed. It will put artists, managers, company owners and tour professionals under one roof in the perfect location – Southern California in the winter. “

Marshall Bissett, Chairman, Parnelli Advisory Board




"We are very thankful that NAMM has invited the Parnelli Awards to be a part of their event. We value the relationship. It allows us to develop bridging the gap between musical performance and the entertainment, technology industry." 

Michael O'Keefe, president, Total Production International




With the connectivity of NAMM, and other industry related events in Southern California near the same time, I think this move, and new relationship, will be very beneficial to everyone in our industry who attends. "I’m very excited about the Parnelli Awards moving to NAMM.”

Mark Haney, Video Director




The marriage of the Parnelli Awards and NAAM is a natural fit. It is a supply side meets demand side move. Artists, managers, manufacturers and live show professionals all in one place, what a concept!

Michael Strickland, president, Bandit Lites




"Parnelli’s and NAMM are teaming up. Count me in, hotel rooms booked already! Should be a great week!"

Dean Roney, Solotech




“I think it’s a great idea to bring the Live Event Industry together and what better time and place then the Winter NAMM. Staging the Parnelli’s at the same time is brilliant and will allow us to encourage our many customers to come to Anaheim in January to see, learn and celebrate. Thumbs up to all who made this happen!”

Jack Kelly, president, Group One LTD.




With NAMM's support, I am encouraged the Parnelli Awards will further expand their educational and philanthropic programs for our touring industry."

Charlie Hernandez, Parnelli Lifetime Honoree, Sting, the Police, Aerosmith, Bowie