UPDATE: Celebrate International Drum Month Like a Pro

Elizabeth Dale

Percussion Marketing Council (PMC), a NAMM Foundation grantee, is welcoming the return of International Drum Month. This May, the organization is offering drummers the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn from a percussion icon.

UPDATE: Nine individuals have been selected as the winners of PMC's "Lesson with a Master" giveaway. Winners include Ray Boreham (San Jose, CA), Sean Burgess (Los Angeles, CA), Sam Dutcher (West Fargo, ND), Joe Galbraith (Richland, WA), Marqus Hamilton (Shreveport, LA), Edward Hoagland (Mount Juliet, TN), Kedrick Jett (Memphis, TN), Florence Mims (Edgefield, SC), and Bennet Wilson (San Antonio, TX). Mims was enthusiastic about her experience. “I won a drum lesson with Jamey Tate, and he is amazing,” she said. “I learned how to hold the drumsticks properly, to relax my wrists, to make sure I was positioned above the drum, to time beats with the metronome, drumming notation, rudiments (paradiddle, flam, double stroke roll), some practicing, to stage the drum set when you set one up, and I got to see him practice on his drum set. Jamey is an incredible musician. Thank you all so much for the drum lesson.”

May is International Drum Month, and the PMC is giving away a one-hour private lesson with an acclaimed celebrity drummer and artist. The winner will receive a one-on-one masterclass to be selected from a roster of celebrated artists, including Tom Brechtlein, Cora Coleman, Daru Jones, Scott Pellegrom, Jeremy Tate, or Dave Weckl. The contest is open now through May 31 for drummers who are 14 years of age and over who have at least one year of playing experience.

Percussion icon and visionary Lloyd McCausland of Remo launched International Drum Month in the early 1990s as an industry effort to grow the market for all percussion instruments. The campaign, traditionally occurring in November to coincide with the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC), drew industry attention and momentum. In 1996 the Percussion Marketing Council was formed. Four years later, International Drum Month was moved from November to May to provide retailers with more time to get involved and to not conflict with end of the year business.

The PMC is a recipient of The NAMM Foundation’s grants and strives to “increase interest and engagement in drumming and percussion activities by advocating for music education programs, expanding access to percussion instruments, and inspiring music-making opportunities.” The PMC consists of members from the industry, including percussion manufacturers, distributors, publishers, and educational organizations. Past celebrations of the PMC’s flagship program include the “Roadie for a Day” giveaway that paired winners with acclaimed artists a "behind the scenes" look at the life of a professional drummer. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PMC began offering online masterclasses to supplement the absence of live events for its International Drum Month giveaway. This year’s celebration will include several live interviews featured on playdrums.com and the PMC’s Facebook and Instagram accounts with several high-profile celebrity drummers involved in International Drum Month.

The PMC encourages all retailers to use May as an opportunity to feature their drum departments and find creative ways to engage students in drumming.

To learn more about International Drum Month and the opportunity to play with a professional, visit https://www.playdrums.com/idm. For more information from PMC, please visit https://www.playdrums.com/.