G3 Welcomes Class of 2023 Artists

Elizabeth Dale

Gibson, the 127-year American brand, has long been dedicated to developing the next generation of music creators. The iconic guitar manufacturer recently announced the 2023 class of artists participating in the Gibson Generation Group (G3) mentorship program.

The Nashville-based NAMM Member houses a variety of brands within its portfolio including, Baldwin, Dobro, Epiphone, Kalamazoo, Kramer, KRK, Maestro, MESA/Boogie, Steinberger, Tobias, and Valley Arts. It has also launched numerous music initiatives centered around its brands and artists including, Gibson Artist Collections, GibsonTV, the Gibson App, the Gibson Garage, and Gibson Gives.

G3 is a “two-year, global mentoring program for a diverse new generation of guitar players, songwriters, and music creators.” Members of G3 receive “one-on-one career growth opportunities, mentoring, and develop lasting connections in the music industry from the Gibson Leadership and Cultural Influence teams.” Participating artists will also have access to one-of-a-kind performance opportunities, iconic musicians, and brand and festival partners. They will also appear in global advertising campaigns, create content, and publicity to increase their audience size.

I am thrilled to be working with a world-renowned company so iconic to the music industry, and even more so to be a part of this incredible family. I’ve had a strong passion for music my entire life, and I love to learn from others in my practice to explore my sense of musicianship and my technique as an instrumentalist. As I grow older, my interest in the music business has developed, and I have spent the past year diving deeper into what it means to market and promote myself as an artist. The G3 program is affording me numerous opportunities to learn and experience the music industry. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and excited to continue this journey!

Marley Striem (G3 Artist)

The newly announced global collective of G3 artists includes Troy Bell Jr. (Piscataway, NJ); Jack Boaden (Atlanta, GA); Grace Bowers (Nashville, TN); Francisco J. Cardenas (Houston, TX); Charlie Churchill (Devon, UK); Wyatt Ellis (Maryville, TN); ZiYe Jia (Beijing, China); Aaron Lerer (Paris, France); Salem Meade (Los Angeles, CA); Charlotte Milstein (San Diego, CA); Katie Overbey (Los Angeles, CA); REN (Japan); Kars van Schaik (Amersfoort, Netherlands); and Marley Striem (Maplewood, NJ).

Jenny Marsh, head of Gibson G3 global program and Gibson Brands entertainment relations, said, “We are excited to carry the momentum of the Gibson Generation Group forward with this new group of members. We can’t wait to introduce them to the Gibson global fanbase. The Gibson G3 program keeps all of us at Gibson focused on our artist-first culture that is engaged and connected to music.”

The inaugural class, which completed its program in 2021, consisted of 18 young artists looking to hone and expand their musical talents and reach from all parts of the globe. The recent graduates include Asher Belsky (San Francisco, CA); Esani Dey (Mumbai, India); Noah Eckstein (Dallas, TX); Diego Flores (Pontevedra, Spain); Sonny French (Nashville, TN); Ben Goldsmith (New York, NY); Jack Goodacre (London, England); Phoenix Knight (Austin, TX); Reece Malone (Longview, TX); Miyuna (Japan); Kris Niepert (Beijing, China); Mariña Paz Otero (Pontevedra, Spain); Otto Jr. Lagarhus (Tønsberg, Norway); Gaétan Ponzio (Allauch, France); Jayden Tatasciore (Perth, Australia); Irene Esteban Teijeira (Pontevedra, Spain); Carter Wilkinson (New Orleans, LA); and Isa Zwart (Emmen, Netherlands).

G3 Class of 2021 Virtual Graduation

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Being a part of the G3 group is a dream come true. It is one that has allowed me to grow musically. I value the ability to learn and connect with other young people that like the same music and share the same concerns as I do. Being a member of the G3 has given me the chance to go places that I have never dreamed of going. All I can say is thank you!

Francisco Cardenas (G3 Artist)

For more information on Gibson G3, please visit http://g3.gibson.com/.