NAMM Member, Warwick Music Group to Bring the Buzz to Make Music Day

Elizabeth Dale

NAMM Members from around-the-world are ready to celebrate Make Music Day 2019, a free day of music celebration open to musicians of all levels on June 21, 2019.

pBuzz Designed to Make Music Fun!

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Presented by the NAMM Foundation, Make Music Day welcomes musicians and non-musicians alike to get outside and participate in the joy of making music. One participating member, Warwick Music Group, will introduce its “I Feel Good About Music” program which utilizes their line of pInstrument and is designed to be utilized in schools or with children’s groups. Requirements for participating locations include:

  • Finding a location where kids can be seen and heard.
  • Have a minimum of 10 pBuzz early learning instruments
  • Find a teacher who can show kids how to “buzz” a mouthpiece
  • Have a speaker available that can play the “I Feel Good” track available at
  • Host the event, take photos, videos, and interviews and share using the hashtags #MakeMusicDay and #pPlayMusic
  • pBuzz
  • pBuzz

At the time of publishing, the company had pledged to support 10 different locations across the country. Participating cities include New York City, Phoenix, Arizona; Cleveland, Ohio; Miami, Florida; Hartford, Connecticut; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Appleton, Wisconsin; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Land O Lakes, Wisconsin.

Warwick Music, established in 1994, provides quality brass and wind music across the globe and makes the joy of music accessible and fun. They also currently offer trombones both in full size and mini, trumpets, cornets, and the pBuzz as part of their pInstrument line which Warwick Music Group describes as being “affordable, lightweight, durable, and fun” which makes it an easily approachable choice of novices hoping to participate in Make Music Day 2019 as Warwick Music promotes pInstruments as the easiest brass instruments to learn and works great in group situations.

Warwick Music is determined to get as many people as possible to pick up an instrument for the first time and play and cite the importance of partnering with other to increase your reach. David Clarke, Public Relations for Warwick Music offered this advice, “As a small business with limited resources, you can’t be everywhere, but teaming up with music services, stores and bands enable you to extend reach.”

To learn more and get involved in Make Music Day 2019 visit