The SWIM Fund Awards Summer NAMM Scholarships

Elizabeth Dale

As part of its mission to “support women in the music products industry in the development of their leadership proficiencies and aspirations,” the Smart Women in Music (SWIM) Fund has awarded travel scholarships to three women from the music products industry to attend Summer NAMM in Nashville, Tennessee, July 18-20.

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  • Lauren Sleath
  • Samantha Tranchida
  • Leanne Chu

What motivated you to apply for the SWIM Fund Scholarship to attend 2019 Summer NAMM?

Sleath: I have always been a part of a male-dominated sales teams. To have the opportunity to meet successful women in the industry, as well as the opportunity to network with my peers was irresistible! It will be great to pick the brains of those women who have paved the way for me!

What do you see as the biggest benefit to attending Summer NAMM?

Chu: I’m really looking forward to being inspired—to be inspired by those who share the same passion for the industry as I do, their career stories, knowledge, and experiences. Motivation happens when we feel connected to something bigger than ourselves; I believe that the opportunity to attend Summer NAMM, that “something bigger,” will be a great booster for me to continue thriving in my own career.

What are you hoping to gain by attending Summer NAMM?

Tranchida: While attending summer NAMM, I would like to network with leaders in the music industry and learn more about merchandising, marketing, and management tactics. I hope to discover new and inventive products that will be exciting for our customers. I also seek inspiration from innovative companies in the industry.

Do you foresee a continued relationship with the SWIM Fund after Summer NAMM?

Chu: Absolutely! I’m so incredibly honored to receive the fund this time and would love to give back in whatever capacity I can. SWIM is a great initiative that is desperately needed in the music product industry; I believe strongly that with the joint leadership from the steering committee of SWIM—some of the most devoted and well-respected women leaders in the industry—we’re ready to move forward and celebrate a new chapter of diversity.

What advice do you have for women who are just getting started/want a career in the music products industry?

Tranchida: Work hard, take pride in every aspect of what you do, and never underestimate the power of a positive attitude.

We sat down with the recipients, Lauren Sleath of National Education Music Co., Leanne Chu from Gator Cases, and Samantha Marie-Didier Tranchida of Quinlan & Fabish Music Co. to discuss this honor.

While at Summer NAMM, Sleath, Chu, and Tranchida will attend the NAMM U Breakfast Sessions, participate in job shadowing with SWIM-affiliated leaders, attend and be recognized for their achievements at the SWIM Meet reception, and provide feedback after the show that summarizes their takeaway from Summer NAMM. Congratulations to the three recipients of this year’s award. To follow the most recent updates from Smart Women in Music Fund visit