ModTruss Brings Expertise to Fight Against COVID-19

Elizabeth Dale

ModTruss designs “ultra-strong portable buildings that can be assembled in a flash” - a capability that the NAMM Member has brought to the healthcare industry to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

ModTruss has a history of supporting many historic and significant activations all over the world. ModTruss products have appeared in professional sports, the Olympic games, major award shows for the entertainment industry, presidential campaigns and inaugurations, film and television sets, theme parks, music festivals, and support in lifting the Berlin Wall.

What is ModTruss?

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With the pandemic and the need for containment solutions, ModTruss’ rapid construction and delivery time found the company’s structures in demand for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of products, including containment solutions, isolation rooms, room partitions, and a wearable sanitizer solution, have since been designed and deployed to help stop the spread of the virus.

We recently sat down with Sam Klein, Manager, Strategic Solutions for ModTruss, to discuss the new products and applications of existing products concerning COVID-19 and how ModTruss has adapted to the latest sales landscape in the wake of the pandemic.

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How did the concept for ModTruss come to fruition?

ModTruss was born in the entertainment industry by Patrick Santini to fulfill the need for a highly adaptable product for creating reusable structures that would be simple to assemble and break down. Once people saw ModTruss in action, its true versatility became clear, and we quickly gained popularity. We have seen market acceptance across many industries and applications including, entertainment, live music, theater, sports television, industry trade shows, visual support systems, film, aerospace, and construction industries. Our award-winning product line has been utilized by some of the largest corporations and high-profile clients around the world. Some of our diverse projects include multiple professional football events and professional baseball championships, U.S. presidential campaigns and inaugurations, and the relocation of the Berlin Wall.

Our solutions are rooted in pre-engineered building components that are modular and reconfigurable. Because of this, the design, material, and build times for a multitude of configurations are faster and predictable. Also, our products are reusable, resulting in a powerful return of investment for our customers.

The products/services that ModTruss is providing to help with COVID-19 seem a natural fit but the wearable sanitizer stands out as a unique product. What was the inspiration to create such a device?

The wrist dispenser is a timely product born in a time of uncertainty. Dr. Boaz Avitall, a cardiologist at the University of Illinois Chicago Medical School, dreamed of a wearable device that did not leave him searching for a way to sanitize his hands. With the ever-present threat of the Coronavirus, he approached Santini to develop a solution. Over the following months, Santini and Dr. Avitall developed over 200 prototypes of wrist-mounted dispensers. Prototypes ranged from mechanical and elaborate to simple and elegant. The team was able to quickly produce a large volume that was both economical and reliable. The wrist dispenser is refillable and holds the potential for custom branding. The wrist dispenser is “always ready and never out of reach.” More information on the wrist dispenser can be found at

Wrist Dispenser

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How have your products been received by the many industries looking for COVID-19 PPE solutions?

All of our COVID-19 solutions have been widely accepted. We have seen our airborne infection isolation rooms, room partitions, and wrist dispensers used in many healthcare and consumer-facing environments. Given our extensive expertise in building portable structures and creating solutions, we were able to produce a new line of business right when COVID hit. 

ModTruss Triage

Do you have any advice for companies who are having to rethink their sales strategy?

Although these are very challenging times, it’s imperative to stay in touch with your core customers. These are the people who kept you in business and will continue to support your company in future efforts. Even if the connection is not in person, there are many different ways to engage with your audience. It is also a great time to reconsider how you marketed and sold before COVID-19. For example, if your website isn’t Search Engine Optimized (SEO), now is the time. It is also critical to be adaptable, given the ever-changing variables. If a sale falls through or is taking longer than expected to close, keep in mind that everything is changing minute by minute, and day by day. Because of this, it’s vital to be patient with your customers. We are all in this together and will get through it together.

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