The COV-Aid movement for the live events industry to support vaccination efforts began weeks ago through numerous organizations.

To help spur interest and awareness of ways to get involved, we hosted a Town Hall featuring Michael Strickland, Brad Nelms (We Make Events), and Dayna Frank (NIVA) to provide an overview of COV-Aid and pinpoint ways for the industry to get involved.

Access the comprehensive guide for COV-Aid.

If you are interested in participating with COV-Aid, you can submit a submission to this form for We Make Events to contact you.

If you are interested in a Regional Director role, you can contact We Make Events or Brad Nelms directly at: OR

Video Contents:

0:39​ Introductions

4:10​ COV-Aid Overview

7:39​ Why it’s not too late to get involved

8:51​ Whose Involved and what are their roles?

12:20​ COV-Aid Funding

14:03​ Getting Involved

16:20​ Being a Regional Director

17:56​ Venue Involvement (What makes a good venue and how to become a site?)

20:34​ Participating in COV-Aid regardless of market / area population

22:07​ The Best 2-3 Action Steps to Get COV-Aid Activated in Your Market

24:58​ How can creatives, artists, musicians, etc. support?

27:00​ The COV-Aid Handbook & Last Thoughts