"Best in Show" Winners Announced for 2013 Summer NAMM

The last day of 2013 Summer NAMM wrapped up with "Best in Show," a roundup of the best products and services at the show. Music Inc. Publisher Frank Alkyer hosted the NAMM U Breakfast Session, and panelists included six music retail gear experts: Mike Guillot of Mississippi Music, Brad Boynton of Rhythm Traders, Myrna Sislen of Middle C Music, Tim Pratt of Dietze Music, Paul Decker of Music Villa and Donovan Bankhead of Springfield Music.

Each panelist selected their picks in four categories, including Best Add-on or Accessory, Gotta Stock It, Companies to Watch and Best in Show.

Here's a list of the winners. Make sure to check them out before leaving the show!

Round 1: Best Add-on or Accessory
Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner, Booth #1400
CruzTOOLS Percussion, Booth #1632
Crafter First Chair Violin Tuner, Booth #1400-A
BoloPick, Booth #1400-C
Option Knob, Booth #1132
Souldier Straps, Booth #1305

Round 2: Gotta Stock It
Yamaha APXT2, Booth #1244
Silent Stroke Drumheads by Remo, Booth #106
Uke Books/Uke Packs, Alfred, Booth #1236 and Hal Leonard, Booth #1218
Fishman TriplePlay, Booth #1336
Gator Frameworks GFW-ID-SPKR Speaker Stands, Booth #1237
Nashville Music Stands, Booth #610

Round 3: Companies to Watch
Hal Leonard, Booth #1218
Mapex, Booth #300
Cordoba, Booth #1412
Zoom, Booth #1126
Blackstar, Korg USA, Booth #900
Breedlove/Bedell, Two Old Hippies Booth #1310

Round 4: Best in Show
C.F. Martin Ed Sheeran Edition Acoustic Guitar, Booth #1300
Tattletale Remote Alarm System, Booth #1426
Roland Cube, Booth #203B
Pedaltrain Volto, Booth #1048
Zoom H6, Booth #1126
Retail Boot Camp/NAMM U, Booth #1254