Getting Updates at the Import/Export Forum

The Import/Export Forum during Summer NAMM addressed updates on current import/export regulations and how they affect industry businesses. Jim Goldberg of Goldberg Associates and Mary Luehrsen, NAMM Director of Public Affairs, hosted officials from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and President and Founder of Gold Tone, Wayne Rogers. Topics included: 

  • Proposed Ivory Regulation
  • CITES New "Use After Import" Rules
  • Musical Instrument Passport
  • Lacey Act Issues—USDA APHIS Electronic Declaration Filings (LAWGS)

Attendees got an overview on upcoming changes to federal regulations that impact the music product industry, as well as the regulatory process and the challenges business owners face.

"I've been studying these issues for some time, but NAMM has been very effective at presenting things with clarity and in bringing together people in our industry with the enforcement agencies, and even getting people like Craig Hoover from Fish and Wildlife to speak with us at this seminar," says George Gruhn, owner of Gruhn Guitars. "It really makes a difference for us to bring clarity and to even alert us to what the issues may be.

"The fact is many of these regulations are very obscure and complex so that is important if you’re going to be in this industry to be informed. NAMM is putting forth a great effort to help us in this regard and for those who don’t attend the seminars, or listen to those webinars, or at least check the website, they’re opening themselves up for a bunch of trouble.“

If you are interested in receiving import/export updates, email Luis Murguia at And be sure to check NAMM's Public Affairs section of the website for up-to-date information.