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Madolin, Banjo
Upright Bass

Moore Brothers Band

Most folks are taken back when they first see Jacob Moore (mandolin, mandostrat, banjo, & fiddle), Isaac Moore (acoustic & electric guitar) and Daniel Perry (upright and electric bass).  Don’t let their fresh faces fool you; this trio means business.  Together, they weave a musical tapestry that honors tradition and welcomes progress….melding a love of tone and harmonies with a fiery stage energy that wins over even the most jaded listeners. This is one of those once-in-a-generation groups for whom the phrase, "roots & wings" was invented - simultaneously traditional and progressive, hot while being on the verge of old-timey, almost flashy while being tied to the mountains.  Their synergy and improvisational skills makes each show refreshing, unique and entertaining.  Pushing the boundaries and definitions has given them their own branded style.  Meet the Moore Brothers Band.