Book Hotel for 2017 Summer NAMM

We are pleased to announce that EventSphere is NAMM’s new official hotel partner. With a customer-centric model and high-quality customer service, our partnership with EventSphere will elevate your hotel booking experience.

Book in the NAMM hotel block to enjoy:

• Discounted Rates for Guests

• Flexible Cancellation Policies

• Exclusive Promotions and Perks

• Discounted Rates on Upgrades

• Reservation Relocation Protection

Booking will be available on on March 9 at 8 am PDT through the online hotel portal. For questions about hotel booking for 2017 Summer NAMM, please contact or 800-767-6266


*Beware of Hotel Poachers!

We do not endorse booking hotel reservations though any source other than EventSphere, our official housing partner. Other third-party companies may contact you in an effort to get you to book through them. Often, they will misrepresent themselves as our official housing provider. Should you book a room through any other company, we will not be able to protect you from a non-refundable deposit or lack of reservation completely.

Should you be contacted by someone other than EventSphere, please let us know by emailing