2017 Summer NAMM Hotels

We are pleased to announce that EventSphere is NAMM’s new official hotel partner. With a customer-centric model and high-quality customer service, our partnership with EventSphere will elevate your hotel booking experience.

Book in the NAMM hotel block to enjoy:

  • Discounted Rates
  • Exclusive Promotions and Perks
  • Discounted Rates on Upgrades
  • Reservation Relocation Protection

Book your Hotel Room Now! The hotel booking link was sent to active members on March 8 and 9. If you are logged in as an active NAMM Member you can click the Resend Email button at the top of the page to receive the booking link again. If you have additional questions about hotel booking for 2017 Summer NAMM, please contact summernamm@eventsphere.com or call Toll Free: 844-804-9407/International: 864-208-2471

*Beware of Hotel Poachers!

We do not endorse booking hotel reservations though any source other than EventSphere, our official hotel booking partner and will not be able to protect you from a non-refundable deposit or lack of reservation completely should you book with another third-party housing provider.

Should you be contacted by someone other than EventSphere, please let us know by emailing summernamm@eventsphere.com