Fender Play at 2018 Summer NAMM

Fender Play is a guided online learning program for beginning guitarists and ukulele players that gets new students playing quickly. A team of experts in music instruction, online education and learning theory have designed a curriculum that is guided, flexible and song-driven. Fender Play uses a micro-learning approach with short videos – averaging three minutes - that build quick “wins” for learners such as simple riffs, chords and skillwork. Beginning players have the choice of different instruments (acoustic, electric, ukulele, with bass guitar coming soon) and paths for several musical genres. 

Goals for Fender Play
Did you know that roughly 9 out of 10 beginning guitar players give up within the first 3 months to a year? While there are many reasons for this, Fender Play is designed to address some of the common pain points and combat the high abandonment rate. It offers:

  • Get to playing your favorite songs quickly
  • On demand content with the ability to access on mobile or desktop
  • World-class instructors in an ‘edutainment’ format that keeps players engaged
  • Customized learning pathway based on user preferences
  • A supportive Facebook community, thousands strong, of beginning players and instructors providing support and encouragement to one another

Benefits for Music Retailers
Fender Play helps build a stronger customer base by growing the number of musicians in the market. Improving the retention rate from 10% new players to just 20% would effectively double the size of our industry. This means more consumers purchasing guitars, ukuleles, amplifiers and accessories, as well as more students enrolling in retailer lessons programs. Fender Play is designed to complement in store lessons (check out the instructor guide) and can provide existing instructors with a support tool to ensure students are practicing more between lessons and engaging effectively during lessons.

2018 Summer NAMM Involvement
This year, Fender Play will be activating in two spaces: inside the main Fender booth #943 and outside in the breezeway off 8th Ave. Also, they will be helping to host the annual guitar and ukulele circles. Check out their booths and learn more about Fender Play at the show.

Partnership with The NAMM Foundation
Supporting beginning players is a mission for the whole music industry - a rising tide that lifts all boats. Fender is excited to partner with the NAMM Foundation on supporting music education endeavors and to continue to inspire musicians across the globe.

How to Get Involved
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