Marcus Sheridan Outlines How Trust and Video are the Keys to Becoming a Digital Powerhouse

On the second day of 2018 Summer NAMM, renown web marketing guru, Marcus Sheridan, delivered his NAMM U Breakfast Session on, "How to Become a Digital Powerhouse: 7 Steps to Online Transformation" at the Davidson Ballroom in the Music City Center. During this engaging session, Sheridan explained to retailers some different ways to develop trust with their customers in a digital world.

Sheridan started off his presentation by proposing that 70% of customers today make their buying decisions before they walk into the store. Because of this shift in consumer behavior, he emphasized the need to start a relationship with their customers before they even meet them. He described that many retailers often forget to address the simple questions and issues that their customers have. As Sheridan went through different examples of other businesses, he challenged the audience to find out the different needs that their customers have and address these questions through their online content.

One of the important tools that he outlined in his presentation is the power of video content. Sheridan said, "By the year 2019, 80% of all content consumed online will be video." He challenged retailers to build a company that can create video content to stay ahead of the market. To start them off with some ideas for new video content, he talked more in depth about seven different types of videos that businesses could create to build their brand. The seven video types were:

1. The 80%: the typical questions buyers ask
2. Bio videos: customers buy from people they trust
3. Product/service page: specific videos for each product
4. Landing page videos: addressing questions that customers have
5. Who we're not a good fit: letting the customer know if this is the right product 
6. The customer journey: talking about the story of how they got their product
7. The claims we make: brainstorming the claims that your store makes

Later on, Sheridan also explained the importance of integrating content through the sales process. Sheridan mentioned that, "Content, assuming it's honest and transparent, is the greatest sales and trust-building tool in the world." Giving more examples, he shared how retailers could build personalized content or even personalized videos for their customers to develop trust with them. 

The seven steps that Sheridan shared were: 

1. Understand the difference between principle vs platform
2. Embrace the shift
3. They ask, they answer: understanding the customers needs
4. See yourself as a media company
5. Obsess over personalization and self-selection
6. Integrate content in the sales process
7. Embrace the messy

In his closing statement, Sheridan challenged the audience to take action and apply the seven steps to transform their businesses. With a thunderous applause, the audience thanked Sheridan for the intense and energetic hour long presentation. Retailers left the session with many new and practical ideas to implement when they head home.  

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