Performance Info

Artist Info

Vocals, Banjo (electric and acoustic), Electric Guitar, Fiddle
Mary James
Bass, Trumpet, Vocals
David Larsen
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Frank James
Drums, Vocals
Allen Marshall
Folk Rock
Endorsed By:
Deering Banjos
I Face Somewhere
Bad Ol' John

Mean Mary & the Contrarys


Award-winning musician/writer and fan favorite (over 10 million views on her YouTube videos), Mary James, literally grew-up in music. She began life as a musical prodigy—could read music before she could read words and co-wrote songs at age five. From then on life has been one long road show interspersed with radio, television, and film. Deering Banjo’s named her their Goodtime Ambassador, and Janet Deering describes her banjo playing as giving her “chills.” Equally versatile on guitar, fiddle, and 8 other instruments, Mary is internationally known for her lightning-fast fingers, haunting vocals, and intricate story songs. 

Mean Mary's music took on a spacious sound when bassist David Larsen and drummer Allen Marshall's locked-down rhythm and sweetly rugged harmonies were added to the mix. Their first recording together, Born to Be That Woman, immediately became an IMA Vox Populi Winner for best Americana song. They are now working on their first Mean Mary & the Contrarys album, and contrary to their name they are all in one accord when it comes to creating music that captures the raw innocence and driving beats of Americana/bluegrass with the power and dynamics of rock and blues.