July 20, 2019 • 10:30 am–4 pm

A3E at 2019 Summer NAMM

Music City Center • Nashville, TN

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The Future of Audio Summit Powered by A3E

A3E (Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange) offers a future-focused program that explores how advanced audio applications are transforming the music industry, production and performance. Meet the pioneers of each field as they come together and define the future of music technology at A3E.

With its finger on the pulse of Nashville's emerging music and technology makers, A3E brings Nashville's trendsetters to Summer NAMM. On Saturday, July 20, the A3E Summit will feature a full day of discussions and presentations that showcase the evolution of America's music capital.  

This year, A3E will feature the work of future-forward organizations like Project Music, The Other Nashville Society, The Nashville Filmmakers Guild, Nashville Music Scoring, as well as a must-see presentation on "Gamifying a Supergroup". Music City is expanding its horizons, and A3E is proud to join NAMM in bringing the new thought leaders in music and technology to the forefront. 



Saturday, July 20 - TEC Tracks (Booth 153)
  • 10:30 am | A3E Opening Presentation: Why Is Music Free and How Can We Get Back On Track?

    A3E opens the day with a talk on the history of failures by the music industry, and an inspiring look at how that can all change in the future.

  • 11 am | The Future of Production: Gamifying a Supergroup

    What happens when a supergroup of musicians uses interactive mobile technology to release their latest single? The result is an experience that reinvents music consumption by combining fan interaction, gaming, challenges, remixing, virtual currency, social media and Instagram content creation. A3E welcomes 1225 Label Group artist The Fell to showcase the futuristic production of their new release, "Glass Floor".

  • 12 pm | Data Collection Is the Key to Maximizing Earnings - Powered by Jammber

    In the music business, the more organized you are the more money you will make. Join Jammber CEO Marcus Cobb as he demonstrates how technology is able to simplify the data-collection process, leading to higher sales and streams, increased revenue and less error.

  • 1 pm | Multimedia City: Producing Music for Film, Television and Video Games in Nashville

    Los Angeles and New York offer musicians many professional avenues for revenue in film, television, gaming and commercials. A3E explores the emerging television, film and gaming industries as Nashville becomes Multimedia City, and the doors they open for musicians who have the skills to work outside of its traditions. This session will explore the opportunities that are available and the tools, technology and tips you need to get started generating income.

  • 2 pm | Launching Your Technology Startup for the Music Industry - Powered by the Nashville Entrepreneur Center

    Project Music is the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s leading action to foster innovation within the music industry. Project Music brings music, tech and business leaders together to nurture startups in partnership with the Country Music Association. This A3E session will spotlight the most innovative new companies emerging in 2019, as well as provide the insight, knowledge and inspiration to launch your own music technology startup.


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