The Recognition Your Store and Team Deserve

In July, we celebrate the ninth annual NAMM Top 100 Dealer Awards. The stores comprising the Top 100 keep raising the bar of retail creativity, excellence and results. I have personally learned much about this industry through the stories crafted and shared by our Top 100 nominees and winners.

My favorite part of this special event is that it’s made up of all types of retail operations, spanning one-store enterprises, all the way to large multi-chain businesses operating throughout the world. Regardless of your store’s size or location, we know you’re serving your community in an exceptional way, and we want to recognize that. The Top 100 program is your chance to shine.

It provides a unique opportunity to connect with your team to review the past year’s business growth. The program is also an opportunity to showcase to the world how you’re bringing music into more people’s lives.

Each year, we review the Awards program to ensure we are representing all the impactful changes occurring in our industry. And through this process, we developed three new categories to reflect the evolving state of retail: Best Community Retail Store, Innovation Award and the Top 100 Customer’s Choice Award.

First, in my tenure at NAMM, I have learned just how passionate our retail members are for their community. I don’t believe they get enough recognition for this meaningful contribution to music and the lives they are changing in the process. That is why we created the new award category, Best Community Retail Store.

Next, retail continues to change and evolve. This leads us to a basic question: How do you build an innovative plan to successfully adjust with the times? I am seeing so many of our members adapt their business models and create meaningful points of difference for their stores. And this mold-breaking innovation deserves to be recognized, so this year, we are introducing the Innovation Award.

Finally, nearly all our members say they would not be where they are today without the support and contributions of their customers, their vendors and their communities. Also new this year is the Customer’s Choice Award. So if you’re in the 2019 Top 100, you will have the opportunity to engage your customer and support base to have them vote on your store for the Customer’s Choice Award.

At the end of May, we will announce our Top 100 Dealer list and then open up the voting process for the Customer’s Choice award. This is an excellent opportunity for a social and community campaign to get your customers involved in your success.

Summer is just around the corner. Come July, we will be in Nashville celebrating the success, the courage and the aspiration of our Top 100 Dealers. Eight category winners and the Dealer of the Year will be announced at the can’t-miss ceremony, July 19, 2019. All are welcome to attend and celebrate with their peers, not to mention benefit from all of the best practices and ideas shared to elevate your operations.

I’m proud to say that this is one of my favorite events because the exceptional program is dedicated to our members and embodies the true spirit of our association, a community committed to your success. I can’t wait to celebrate your unique accomplishments.

See you in Nashville!
Causby Challacombe, CAE • NAMM Director, Membership

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