Performance Info

The Spring

Friday, July 19, 2019 — 12:00 pm to 12:40 pm CDT

Artist Info

Rhythm Guitar/Lead Singer
Manny Fawcett
Lead Guitar/background vocal
Matt Rigsby
Bass Guitar
Gabe Ottomanelli
Drums - Percussion/background vocal
Levi Tate

The Spring

Founding members Manny Fawcett (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) and Matthew Rigsby (Lead Guitar/Vocals) fused together their two vastly different music backgrounds to create a unique sound that permeated throughout Brevard County’s music scene. Adding Levi Tate (Drums/Vocals) and Gabe Ottomanelli (Bass), they have been consistently performing throughout Central and Southern Florida. The group teamed up with producers, Stuart Richardson and Anthony Fada, at Rocky Water Studios to release multiple records. These records included their premiere EP, "Ebb and Flow", released as of Summer 2018 and followed with the release of their first single, "Truth and Desire". - Through pure dedication, Manny Fawcett is always expanding his musical prowess. Having performed in school, church, and countless bands, he ultimately found a love for the Indie and Alternative genre. Seeking to have his own voice, Manny paved way for the writing style that you hear in The Spring’s writings. Beautiful melody lines mixed with colorful guitar riffs that push through your speakers and make it hard not to sing along. Matthew Rigsby grew up listening to classic rock and playing in cover bands throughout his adolescence. After engaging with the cover band scene for a time, Matthew sought something more. Through a craigslist ad, Matt joined up with Manny to explore original music. Coupling his grittier tone with Manny's melodic phrasing was a perfect match for a new sound. Levi Tate performed in a prior group with fellow band-mate, Manny Fawcett. Levi was always unsure about everything and felt he needed an escape. After taking a two year hiatus from music and a short stint in California, he found music was the only thing that could satisfy him. Returning to Melbourne, Florida, he began performing with the band. His genuine style of drumming compliments the various other sounds with warm, full-bodied fills and rhythms. Gabriel Ottomanelli shares the burning desire for music. He has a vast musical background from being a DJ and playing in various bands across genres such as classical, rock, and country. Having connected with Manny and Levi by attending their previous band's shows, Gabe was exactly what the group needed in order to excel. With Gabe's high energy stage performance and driving bass lines, he lays an even foundation that brings only the best out of every tune. It is of no coincidence that these four have assembled together. Being the one thing they share, The Spring is truly founded upon the passion for the craft and the uncontrollable pursuit of love. The Spring performed on the main Grand Plaza Stage at Winter NAMM 2019 - On February 20, 2019 they performed at the Sellersville Theater in Pennsylvania to a packed crowd. On March 8, 2019 they opened for SWIMM at The Social in Orlando, FL -