Food and Drink Options at 2021 Summer NAMM

Reviewing the latest products, learning from industry-leading education programs and experiencing lively networking events may make you hungry, thirsty or both. Looking to re-energize yourself? Be sure to stop by one of the many eateries at the Music City Center.

The Music City Center is home to some great places to refuel with a quick snack or cup of coffee, including two locations of Kijiji Coffee (Booth #625 and #1205). If you're in the mood for some authentic Nashville BBQ, visit the Smoke House located in Booth #1349. Alternatively, head to Baja Bowl in booth #205 for some delicious Mexican eats.

There are many other food options and bars available within the MCC to stay close to the action during show hours, their descriptions and locations are listed below. 

Looking to venture outside the Music City Center? Check out places to enjoy the legendary food scene in Nashville.

Bon appétit!

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Bars: Booth #925 and #1349 (11 am–6:30 pm)


Smoke House BBQ: Booth #1349 (Thursday hours: 11 am–4 pm, Friday hours: 11 am–3 pm)

Baja Bowl: Booth #205 (11 am–4 pm)

Fresh Pick is open in the Music City Center lobby, from 5 am–6 pm, Monday—Friday and 5 am–3 pm on Saturday.


Kijiji Coffee has two locations:

  • Booth #625 (Hours: 8 am–4 pm)
  • Booth #1205 (Thursday hours: 8:30–4 pm/Friday hours: 8:30-3 pm)

Dunkin Donuts is also open daily in the Music City Center from 6 am–2 pm.