Exhibitor News

World-famous mouthpiece manufacturer JodyJazz Inc has announced that Tyler Schaefers has joined the company in the role of Product Specialist for the Rousseau and Chedeville Brands. Schaefers has a Masters Degree in...
JodyJazz Inc.
Tom Scott and Kirk Whalum, two of the most influential and widely recorded saxophonists of all time, recently switched over to the new JodyJazz HR* CUSTOM DARK Soprano mouthpiece.
Red Panda LLC
Plymouth, MI (July 15, 2021) - Red Panda (www.redpandalab.com) unveiled the Raster 2 at Summer NAMM 2021, a digital delay pedal that delivers a wide range of sounds including harmonizing delays, micro pitch shifting,...
Tri-Technical Systems Inc
Tri-Tech’s, AIM, is a complete software solution for music retailers with key features to help handle sales, track inventory, take care of customers and more!
Cable Porter, LLC
Even a properly wrapped cable can become a string of knots if the ends of the cable passes through the loops.  The solution is a device that keeps the ends of the cable separated while allowing the cable to be quickly...
Furman Power
Furman Power, The leader in Power Management Solutions!
Delicious Audio's Stompbox Exhibit
Stompbox lovers attending Summer NAMM shouldn't miss booth #1523, featuring 19 boards by emerging and established pedal builders.
AMT Electronics
 AMT Electronics presents the new device – AMT U-2 Pangaea Ultima Brain Frame. The device is a hardware platform on the basis of which various guitar effects can be implemented in software.
Artesia Pro
Come to booth 421 to see the two just released EFNOTE3X Drum Kit and the EFNOTE 5x Drum Kits.  See what the next generation of e-drum kits are all about.    
JodyJazz Inc.
JodyJazz has expanded its selection of HR* Series Clarinet mouthpieces with the introduction of the new HR* Clarinet ‘Once’ model. ‘Once’ is the Spanish word for 11.
Fred Kelly Picks
Kelly’s Picks offers a unique array of high-quality, custom designed thumb picks to musicians world-wide. All picks seen in this web site are created by Fred Kelly, a music enthusiast himself.
Morton Microphone Systems
The KickTone® Microphone s a breakthrough in the design of dynamic microphones dedicated to capturing the full spectrum of sound naturally produced within the resonant chamber of a kick drum.