Adding Products


Available to Stadium (100 products), Venue (30), Theater (10), Club (5) levels

Products are visible on Brand Experience and Product search pages. Get started by selecting 'Products' in the left column menu and clicking the 'ADD' button.

Next, select the category, add product name and description then click 'CREATE'.

You can add an image or image gallery for the product. Each image will be square (400x400 sizing preferred). You can crop the image after you upload it. Use the star icon on the image to select the image that will appear first in your gallery.

To complete the listing, add the subcategory for the product (select up to 2). You can also add MSRP, product line or family, and a link to the product page or demo on your website.

Product Presentation Update

We have been working closely with our platform provider, Swapcard, to provide exhibitors with the opportunity to choose the order of the products presented on their brand experience pages. Unfortunately, this new feature will not be ready in time for Believe in Music Week, and at this time, it is not possible to curate the order of your products as you upload. We apologize that we are not able to offer this feature.

We recommend assigning search terms to your products, which will categorize them in the product section (accessible from main navigation) and be suggested to attendees depending on their profile and preferences.