Header and Logo

Adding a Header Image

Stadium, Venue, Theater and Club levels

Add a still image that will display at the top of your Brand Experience. Click the + sign to upload your image.

Images should be 16x9 aspect ratio at least 1200 pixels across.

Video Header

Stadium, Venue and Theater levels only

A video header will automatically play whenever someone visits your brand page. It will replace the image header.

To add video, select the Video Platform (YouTube or Vimeo) where the video is hosted and paste the link copied from platform for the video or live stream into the Video ID.  

This video can be changed out to another prerecorded or live stream video any time you'd like. Please note that pre-recorded videos will start at the beginning for each visit to your page whereas live stream presentations will begin at the current time.

Add Your Logo

All Levels

Click the + sign and upload a logo that is a rectangle landscape image, 400 px x 200 px. Logos will appear on many sections of the site including Exhibitor Search, Products, Giveaways and Additional Brands.



Brand Name

If you need to edit the name of your brand experience page you can also do so here.