Team's Contacts

Once the event begins, you can export your brand's leads via the Team's Contact list at any time. The excel file will provide you with the details of leads who have met with or connected with your brand and staff via chat along with any notes, scores or tags that your staff has added to the attendee profile.

Be sure to have your sales team utilize the scoring, tagging and note features when they are viewing a connection's profile page. These items will show up in your report for each lead.

  • You can score a 1 if the person is not a good lead and score up to 5 to show a valuable lead.
  • You can add tags to indicate certain products, areas, marketing campaigns and more
  • Add any additional thoughts or follow up items in the notes section.

Go to 'My Event', select 'My Networking', click into the profile and the score, tag, and note features are in the bottom right.