Exhibitor Resources

Thank you for participating in Believe in Music Week!

To set your brand up for success during the online experience, we have compiled a series of resources to help you maximize your investment.

Session & Gear TV Information Due

Please provide details for your brand page session and / or 10-Minute Gear TV slot by completing the brief session form. This information was due on January 4. If you haven’t already done so, please complete it as soon as possible, so we can help maximize the promotion of your content. Questions? Please contact tradeshowops@namm.org.

Review our online resource designed to support your goals

Learn how to access the Exhibitor Center, showcase company information, connect with social links, upload content and assets, add team members and more.

Demos and Resources

Featured Videos


As a participating NAMM member, you can send out invitations to attendees and staff to complete their registration for Believe in Music Week.

Registration Invites

There will be an option to upload “bulk” registrations from an excel spreadsheet to simplify the process. A couple of things to note to register your staff successfully, please be sure to mark staff as staff and upload your staff list separately from your guest/ attendee list. If your staff is registered into a non-staff group, they will not have access to member-only sessions.

Registration is complimentary to all members, staff and invited guests.

For questions, please email us at registration@namm.org.

Team Members

Once the Exhibitor Center is open on December 1, you will be able to add your “Team Members” to your brand experience page. Team members will appear on the brand page on the team list and are connected to the brand. They will have access to the Exhibitor Center and will be able to edit the page and schedule meetings. They are essentially “working the booth”. In order to connect them, they must be registered for Believe in Music Week first.

Please make sure to register your staff for the event before adding them to your team.

Marketplace Packages

Gear TV Sponsorships

Integrate your content, commercial or product launch into NAMM’s Gear TV. 

10-Minute Video on Gear TV

Chat function will be live during each segment. Make sure to have a team member present to answer questions, promote your product, and drive attendees to your brand experience page! 

  • This needs to be ten minutes exactly 
  • This can be pre-recorded OR live 
  • Must be housed on YouTube or Vimeo
  • Deadline for submission: January 8th, 2021

30-Second Commercial

  • 16 x 9 aspect ratio
  • File format mp4 or .mov 1920 x 1080 resolution 
  • Deadline for submission : December 11th, 2020 

Homepage Sponsorships

Utilize the following specs and details to create the right message to welcome thousands of buyers, influencers and media on the homepage, where the attendee journey begins.

Homepage Alert

  • Drive attention to an upcoming event, through an eye-catching web app alert. 
  • 160-character limit
  • Deadline for submission: December 18th, 2020 

Homepage Banner

  • Excite an international audience with a banner placement on the Believe in Music homepage. 
  • 1080x1920px (9:16 ratio), no larger than 1MB 
  • Deadline for submission: December 11th, 2020 

Communication Sponsorships

Utilize the following specs and details to incorporate your message in outgoing audience communications sent before, during and after Believe in Music Week.

Community Newsletter

Include an image, 100 words of copy and destination link in a targeted NAMM Newsletter. 

Audience E-mail Campaign

Include an image, 100 words of copy and destination link in an outgoing audience communication to event prospects and registrants. 

Registration Confirmation Placement

Reach every attendee by featuring your brand throughout the registration process and on confirmation messages. 

Image dimensions: 600x125px

Front Page Sponsor

  • Large logo - an image of 1080 x 360 pixels (3:1 ratio) and no larger than 300kb.  
  • Smaller Grid logo – no size recommendation 250 x 250, square  
  • Background picture for grid menu  
  • We recommend using an image of 600x200px and no larger than 300kb 

Custom Sponsorships

Believe VIP Gift Bag

  • Include a product in our music box package, sent to VIP buyers and include a message in our digital version, sent to all event attendees