Exhibitor Webinar Highlights: Best Practices for a Great Event Experience

In an effort to promote the success of its NAMM Show exhibitors, NAMM held a special webinar on Wednesday, November 28, entitled "Exhibit for Success: Best Practices for a Great Event Experience."  Since then, we've receive a number of requests to download the PowerPoint Presentation. As such, we are happy to post it in PDF form and look forward to providing our exhibitors with more webinars, educational sessions and expert advice in the future. 

Exhibitors attending this webinar learned:

  • What's new at 2013 NAMM Show
  • How to badge Your staff, customers and guests
  • Pre-show and on-site marketing opportunities
  • Creating free publicity
  • Maximizing your exposure to buyers through online sponsorship
  • Designing your booth
  • How to draw crowds
  • Product demos and artist appearances
  • Training your staff
  • NAMM's new First Look Showcase
  • Follow-Up

If you were unable to attend this session, we invite you to download the PowerPoint Presenation to pick up some great ideas for making the most of your trade show experience.