Copyright, the Internet and You - Panel

Start Time:
3:00 pm
Moderator: Gregory Butler


Brian McNelis, Tom Biery, Gian Caterine, Lucy, Reinhold Heil, Manda Mosher
The Forum (203 A-B)
1 hr.

Why are content creators seeing less money than ever while their art is being used so widely? Join our panel of experts as they look at the challenges of navigating the new music industry, piracy and intellectual property.


Brian McNelis is the Senior Vice President of Music and Soundtracks at Lakeshore Entertainment.  His recent feature film music supervision credits include Drive, The Lincoln Lawyer and the Underworld franchise. He is a vocal advocate on issues related to artist development and artists’ rights in the digital age.

Tom Biery is the President of Collective Sounds, a division of The Collective. As the former GM/EVP of Warner Bros. Records, Tom has a wealth of experience at the highest level of the music industry, dealing with both artist and corporate needs.

Gian Caterine is an entrepreneur and songwriter (under the name John Cate). Former CFO and founding Board member of Tunecore, Gian currently focus’s his energy on publishing and copyright matters with his start-up eMfile and MIT’s Communications Futures Program.

Lucy is the singer/drummer and songwriter for the band Tashaki Miyaki. With a band that truly engages art of business, Lucy’s perspective on what it means to make music brings a weight that goes beyond the simple mechanics of the new model.

Reinhold Heil is a composer and producer with decades of success in both the record and music-for- picture realms. In 2012, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his score to the film ‘Cloud Atlas’ and his latest project, ‘I, Frankenstein’ opens January 24th.

Manda Mosher is a founding member of Calico the band, 2013 LA Music Awards National Touring Artist of the Year as well as co-founder of Re-Valve Music, an artist’s rights organization. An accomplished solo artist as well, Manda has firsthand experience navigating the new music industry.


Gregory Butler is a founding member of the television and film composition house ‘Calm & Composed’ as well as the Managing Director of He has spent over 20 years in both creative and technological roles, helping to influence all sides of the content creation process.