Artist Info

Drums / Composer / Band Leader
Endorsed By:
Mapex Drums; Zildjian; Vic Firth; YamahaDTX; Evans; Cympad



COLE MARCUS -- a force to be reckoned with!  He has been a NAMM favorite over his young career with  performances on different main stages and John Lennon Tour Bus stages throughout his young career, and his performances are mesmerizing and life-changing!  Now he's hoping to debut his new, burnin' hot jazz fusion trio at the upcoming Winter NAMM and inspire all who hear!  The industry has been waiting to see what he will do next.....

Only a select few drummers can boast major TV show appearances, endorsements with well-known percussion manufacturers, and the admiration of more experienced peers. Even fewer can lay claim to this by the age of 3.

Cole Marcus is an Industry Veteran and the youngest person to have an unprecedented 13-year professional career as a Fully Endorsed Artist, and yet is only 16 years old. Cole has been impressing worldwide audiences and the entertainment industry with his amazing talent professionally for more than a decade. His precocious drumming skills, songwriting, and vocal abilities have garnered appearances on countless TV and radio shows such as: American Idol, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Today Show, Ellen, The Wayne Brady Show, The Sharon Osbourne Show, The Mark & Brian Radio Show, and Winner of NBC’s America’s Most Talented Kid, not to mention feature articles in DrumPro, DRUM!, and Modern Drummer magazines. Cole has toured all over the U.S. and internationally.

Cole also has quite an acting career, he currently has a co-starring role on Disney’s #1 Sitcom “Lab Rats”, and can be seen on several TV commercials, currently starring in the new Exxon Mobil ad, the new “Mikey” for Life Cereal, and LG/Vh1’s Save the Music, as well as music videos for Josh Groban, Regina Spektor, and Disney XD.

Cole is, however, a drummer and musician first. He has an incredible ear, with perfect pitch and total recall. At just three years-of-age, he was called up to the drum kit by the legendary drummer Dave Weckl at one of his drum clinics. Cole proceeded to wow the audience and Weckl alike.

By the age of four, Cole was offered Full-Endorsements with Mapex drums, Zildjian cymbals, and Vic Firth sticks, and had signed with BMI. This made him the youngest person to ever land full-artist endorsements and the youngest songwriter in history to sign with BMI.

A highlight of Cole’s year is his annual appearance at the NAMM show, where he is invited to perform and sign autographs alongside the best drum artists in the industry.

Cole has a brand new trio of incredible musicians doing fresh, cutting edge versions of Jazz Fusion favorites like Weather Report and Billy Cobham, as well as Cole's own originals.  Cole's trio includes 15 yr old Max Rohde on bass and 18 yr old Cole Riddle on keys (yes, another Cole!).

They are blowing audiences away at all the local jazz venues, and Cole's fans constantly ask when he will be playing at NAMM again!

Cole is inspired by every style of music and is continually progressing in his own unique style and abilities. He has strong skills in piano and composition. His interpretation and phrasing are unparalleled and, like his drumming, are an inspiration to see and hear. His songwriting, arranging, and creativity defy his age. 

Clearly, the pride of Cole’s accomplishments at a young age is his humility, compassion, and his love for God. Cole also donates his time to causes for children’s cancer and arts endowment.

A few years back, NAMM had Cole do a PSA video for NAMM's Wanna Play?  He's a very inspiring spokesperson with a passion to change the world through music!

What an honor to be part of such an historic event every single year....The NAMM Show!