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Saturday, January 23, 2016 — 11:00 am to 11:40 am

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guitar/Lead Vocals
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Brad Perry

What do you get when you have folk music performed by a soulful musician? We call it “Americana with Soul” and that’s what you get with Brad Perry.

Brad’s new project has you stepping back to when 25 cents is what made music. Singers who toured in the 60‘s would have to choose whether that quarter would be used to call home or get food. 90% of them used the coin to call mom and dad to say they were OK, and then continue to play for their food, gas, or a place to sleep.

Back then you could sit in a coffee shop, small bar or someone’s home and listen to stories and songs of the road. There was no cell phone ringing or the television playing in the background. Don’t get us wrong, Brad has a cell phone and likes television! He has been entertaining people for over 15 years on morning TV, first in Chicago, then Phoenix and now San Diego.

When Brad picked up the guitar his love of music started to take him on a whole new path of entertaining people.

Brad and his band Acoustic Fingerprints have played all over, from Alice Coopers Christmas Pudding Concert to the famous Rick’s Cafe in Jamaica. Brad produced and funded their first CD in 2009.

Brad has watched the music world change and understands that people want to get back to where music makes you have hope for better days. His major influences come from growing up in close proximity to Detroit, the home of Motown, and his love for the acoustic guitar.  His new project, “Peace,Music& Understand” has him playing both original and cover songs, from Bob Marley to Bob Dylan, with his own twist. Be prepared to drive straight down the beat of the Brad’s music and continue on that road until you park at the heart of it. Brad still at times performs in those coffee shops, small bars and people’s homes, where folk singers got their start.

Brad Perry is on the rise with his back to basic music playing and a sound that will have you moving your feet...don't miss a beat

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