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Dan Krikorian

Southern California folk/pop singer/songwriter Dan Krikorian is known to craft an organic sound that gently delves into the hearts of his listeners. His wholesome, reflective nature has always allowed him to see the beauty in life, which is reflected in his musical style, defined by a cinematic blend of poetry and melody. In 2011 Krikorian released his third album, Windsor Blue, receiving critical acclaim and sending him on a European tour as well as opening for notable artists in the US including Eddie Money, Foo Fighters and ALO among others. In 2012 he wrote the new theme song for his hometown of Costa Mesa, CA for their 60th anniversary, and released a viral video featuring the residents of the town. Now, Dan Krikorian prepares to independently release his fourth full-length album, Bloom, on December 10, 2013.

Bloom was recorded in Los Angeles, CA at Nourse by Northwest Studios and produced by both Dan Krikorian and Shawn Nourse, former drummer for Dwight Yoakam. The album was loosely inspired by author Daniel Wallace’s novel, Big Fish, which was later turned into a film directed by Tim Burton. “I fell in love with the story of Big Fish the first time I experienced it as a teenager,” says Dan. “I was so taken by the sense of adventure that the main character, Edward Bloom, possessed. He wanted an extraordinary life worth living and he found it by taking many risks.”

While writing Bloom, Krikorian had questions about certain meanings and characters in Big Fish. On a whim he emailed author Daniel Wallace, who quickly responded with his phone number and an invitation to discuss their respective projects. Since then Krikorian and Wallace have developed the kind of relationship that only two passionate storytellers can. From their communication about their projects, Bloom developed into Krikorian’s own story of growth and an attempt to find “home,” which at times can be a place, a person, a feeling, or a mixture of things.

The songs that comprise Bloom express the stages of Dan Krikorian’s journey and adventures through music. The album’s first four songs, “Sweet Face,” “The Frame,” “Poor Mr. Brown” and “Georgia Reign” all represent the feeling of unease that is common at the start of every journey. As the album progresses, however, the songs transition into feelings of growth and movement. This can be seen through songs “Wedding Day,” “Afternoon” and “Sunday.” There is a sense of breakthrough as the lyrics of “Afternoon” sing: “I’m leaving from this small town so my hands remain whole. How could we know, it could be this beautiful?” The album concludes with songs “Joe Purdy” and “Long Days,” which indicate closure, peace and security.

The sound and vibe of Bloom is an intentional departure from Dan Krikorian’s previous three albums. “I wanted to approach the recording process with a more indie-folk vibe and organic sound,” he says. “Shawn Nourse and I wanted the lyrics and stories to be in the forefront, and not use too many studio tricks that might take away from that.” The album was recorded with Krikorian’s band members Mike Teague (guitar, vocals), Randy Querry (bass), Dusting Robinson (vocals) and Tayler Green (vocals), and mastered by Matt Forger (Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney). Additionally, some of LA’s best studio musicians are featured on Bloom, including Shawn Nourse (drums), Bob Boulding (guitar), Storm Rhode (guitar), Jason Chesney (guitar), Michael Starr (violin), Geli Wuerzner (violin), John McDuffie (pedal steel), Carl Byron (piano) and Deb Tala (vocals).

Later this fall, Dan Krikorian will release a music video for “Long Days” off of Bloom as well as perform record release concerts throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. In the spring and summer of 2014, fans can expect to see Krikorian back on tour in Europe as well as throughout the US