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Yamaha - Drums (Francois Laliberte)


From the legendary sounds of Jeff Beck and Tribal Tech to contemporary fusion artists such as Guthrie Govan and Tal Wilkenfield, no stone is left unturned in Fusibili’s catalog. Every member in this powerful trio takes joy in reinvigorating the immense open ended nature of Fusion and adds a personal touch to his role in the band.

Fusibili was born when Jean-François Charest, François Laliberté and Nikolaï Olekhnovitch decided to step back from their regular duties as musicians and celebrate the art of Jazz Rock and Fusion. On the bass, Jean-François blends R&B/Motown influenced lines akin to those of James Jamerson with Jaco’s precise technique. Behind the drumkit, François holds the reins with irresistible pocket playing channeling the likes of Keith Carlock and Dave Dicenso, his Berklee-days mentor. Finally, taking care of harmony and melody, Nikolaï showcases influences raging from Joe Pass’ bop playing to eclectic approaches in the spirit of Bill Frisell.

While no formal recording has been documented, Fusibili’s studio cover of Tribal Tech’s “Elvis at the Hop” has gotten much attention. This inspired the trio to return to the studio and film a whole set of Fusion tunes putting on the display the various influences and abilities of the band. Stay Tuned!