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(Indie Pop Style) - Beautiful Day

Gavyn Bailey

Gavyn Bailey is a sixteen year-old American singer-songwriter. Known for his quirky as well as deep, old fashioned lyrics, he's captured the attention of many listeners. Gavyn began showing interest in music at age three. After having a kidney transplant, he was given gifts of many different musical instruments to play with. Ever since, he has only had music on his mind. Songwriting has always been a huge aspect of Gavyn’s life. He has written hundreds of songs, most of them were written when he was just a little kid. Using Garageband as a platform to record demos of his music, that’s exactly how he got his start. After writing a few originals at age ten, Gavyn took to Myspace to share his music with the world. He received over ten-thousand hits. Performing has also been a large part of Gavyn’s life since he was young. He used to play with his cousins’ band in church every so often and took part in many school shows growing up. Having had a kidney transplant and the post transplant effects, he has used that as motivation to want to inspire others going through the same thing. Fast forward to 2012. Gavyn had been spreading awareness of his young life and struggles with health to newspapers and popular magazines around California and was getting quite the reaction. Having no original music out but covers on YouTube, he began writing his first EP, Sickly in Love. Sickly in Love the EP was written by Gavyn himself, Parker Hernandez, and Dixie Maxwell. It was released in January of 2013 and placed #4 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts. The same year he was nominated for an OC Music Award for Best Youth Artist as well as nominated two awards at the LA Music Awards for Best Album and Male Singer/Songwriter of the year. In November of 2013, he was asked to be a supporting act on a Scandinavian tour with a popular Danish band, Dune. In June 2014 Gavyn's song, "All Growed' Up was featured in the popular Canadian MTV show, Degrassi. Gavyn is now working on his first full-length album set to release in Fall of 2014 and has just released his first single, “Beautiful Day”.