Artist Info

Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Lap Steel
Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bass, Backing Vocals
Endorsed By:
Deering Banjo Company, Taylor Guitars

Hit Dog Hollar

Gritty vocals and swampy riffs make San Diego’s Hit Dog Hollar the outlaws in an oversaturated scene of commercial rock and scripted “talent.” Formed in 2010 by drummer Dallas Mauricio and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Austin Prince, Hit Dog Hollar’s music harkens back to a time when rock was rock and music knew no bounds. Heavy riffs meld with huge, rumbling beats and funky breakdowns underneath Prince’s soulful lyrics, a frontman who is as well-known for his distinctive growl as he is for his lyrics weaving history and storytelling often inspired by true events.

After a year of jamming and writing as a duo, the band grew in 2011 with the addition of lead guitarist Carter Chase and British born bassist Jamie Latty, both of whom were quick to add their stamp  to HDH’s own brand of rock.

HDH’s first major release Devil Don’t Dance serves as a moral warning that you reap what you sow and reminds listeners to cling to the truth and stray from deceit. The banjo driven track features the unmistakable raspy vocals of Atlanta blues legend and Billboard topper Weepin’ Tommy Brown who sets the tone from the opening, while fellow San Diegan and multi-platinum artist Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. brings the heat in the second verse with his trademark delivery. Devil Don’t Dance was recorded at LA’s Fonogenic Studios in 2014 with Grammy(R)-nominated producer Dan Hannon at the helm.