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Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Guitar/Backup Vocals

Liberty Deep Down

  Liberty Deep Down a young, energetic rock band from the suburbs of Columbus, OH. While bringing high energy to the stage Dom, Halen, his twin brother Noah, Tyler, and Dalton convey a unique pop/alternative sound with catchy riffing and vocal melodies. The band was formed in September of 2011. After becoming close musically, Liberty Deep Down was formed with Dom on vocals and guitar, Halen on guitar and keys, and Noah on drums. Through social media, Dalton was found and immediately brought in as a bassist. After the releases of their debut iTunes singles throughout 2011-2012 , the band noticed the almost instantaneous hype that started to form around their band. The band continued to put out self-produced singles, which helped to bring them more fans, and lead to packed headlining shows. After the release of their debut EP, "Get Weird" in August of 2013, the band continued to write more material for the near future. That material led to the release of their most successful single so far, "Bad Girl". The song was released on December of 2013 and is the band's second single to spin on local and national radio stations. With a second release in the works, the group still remains to play shows promoting the single, including appearances on Fox News and iHeartRadio. After succeeding a national fan base, the group had announced their first West/East coast tour taking place in January 2014 through the states of New York, California, Chicago, Tennessee, ect. With more in store in the near future, the group continues to convey their art and passion through their live energy and emotion, making fans truly see something special in them.