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Saturday, January 23, 2016 — 7:00 pm to 7:40 pm

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LMT Connection

LMT CONNECTION are true masters of their craft. They've been together for 25 years, recorded five albums, played over 5000 shows including 12 tours of Europe (2003-2012) and two tours of China (2013-2014). When at home in Canada they've remarkably held a 16 year residency at the legendary Orbit Room in Toronto on Wednesday nights.

Born in Atlanta and raised in Detroit, singer/songwriter/guitarist Leroy Emmanuel began his professional career at the age of twelve. He went on to record and play live with Marvin Gaye (Whats Goin On, Lets Get it On albums), Gladys Knight and the Funk Brothers of Motown fame, to name just a few. With his original group the Counts, Emmanuel recorded five albums for Westbound Records, toured all over the United States and shared the stage with Kool and the Gang, the Commodores and the Funkadelics. Hes played Madison Square, the Apollo and Radio City. He’s got Stevie Wonders home number on his cell phone. He’s got Detroit funk in his veins. For four years, Emmanuel toured the continent with master drummer/producer Mark Rogers with a 10-piece Motown revue. When it finally came to its end in 1989, the two formed a trio with bassist/singer John Irvine, an experienced touring musician and serendipitously, the missing part of the whole.

To say they haven’t looked back since would be an understatement. LMT Connection have shared the stage with BB King, The Temptations, jazz-organist Joey DeFrancesco, the Spinners, Tower of Power, Al Green, Wah Wah Watson, Tony Monaco, Lee Oskar and Alex Lifeson of Rush to name just a few. They have released five albums on their own without ever taking a dime of major label money. All releases are through LMT’s self-owned and operated Impression Records and distributed worldwide.

Their repertoire is both familiar and refreshing. Like an arrow pointing in two directions, LMT Connection evoke the Motown era while breaking new ground in contemporary music. And nowhere is this more evident than in their live performance. Emmanuel, who recently celebrated his 68th birthday, moves like a man half his age. As a rhythm section, Rogers and Irvine attack their instruments with such ferocity, it’s hard to believe you’re listening to a three-piece band. Orchestra is more like it. Even the stuffiest wallflowers can’t resist the groove. Together they travel beyond mere nostalgia or entertainment into a dimension that transcends age, time or location. But words are only words. There is no substitute for the real experience; an experience that robs words of their meaning. To speak about LMT Connection in the third person is nothing like being there in person. So we’ll let you decide!

Recently Performed International Festivals:

• Midi Festival Shanghai 2014
• Midi Festival Beijing 2014
• Big Church Day Out England 2014
• Parachute New Zealand 2014 (w Newworldson)
• China, Great Wall of Funk Tour 2013-2014
• Seaside Festival Norway 2013
• Gulibranna Festival Sweden 2013
• BB King’s 80th Birthday Tour
• Berlin (Germany) Jazz Festival
• Easterfest Australia 2013 (w Newworldson)
• Gronau (Germany) Jazz Festival
• Wendelstein (Germany) New Orleans Festival
• Detroit – Windsor 300th Birthday Celebration
• Szigit Festival Budapest Hungary
• Vienna Austria
• Baden Switzerland
• NAMM (Anaheim, CA) 
• Innsbrook Austria
• Munich Germany 
• Rotterdam, Holland
• Toronto Jazz Festival
• Belgrade Beer Festival Serbia
• Lithuania
• Brugnera Italy (Northern Soul Nights)
• Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival
• Cologne Germany Northern Soul Festival

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