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The Millenium - Ghost Town
The Millenium - Take Me
The Millenium - Garnish Our Love

The Millenium

Formed in early 2014, The Millenium is a band quickly making headway through the music scene and catching the eyes of professionals all around. Stylistically securing a unique crossover appeal, the band focuses on lyrically engaging a wide demographic with honest and melodic vocal conviction, complementing an acoustically based instrumentation in an alternative scene ruled by electric guitars. Catering to those who enjoy a hint of the traditional pop hook and infectious phrasing balanced with hard hitting choruses, one is sure to hear familiarity along with a deep emotional connection to their new favorite songs.
While there isn't necessarily a style or genre directed toward the creation of their first record "It's So Much Friendlier With Two", instead the band collectively pieced together a work of what people would resonate with: love, loss and learning - songs that felt much more like an extensions of their own selves. With this they hope listeners connect passionately with the music, and seek out a highly energetic stage stow to accompany it.