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Daniel Codella

The New Division

The New Division – Artist Bio:

The New Division, an electronic band based out of Southern California, 

was founded in 2008 by John Glenn Kunkel (writer/vocalist). What began 

as a college bedroom project in Riverside, CA was eventually met with 

critical success in the winter 2011 debut E.P., “The Rookie.” A few months 

later, the first full length record entitled “Shadows,” was declared "album 

of the year" by several renowned music tastemakers and garnered the 

band an international following. 

"Night Escape," which was released as the second E.P. in 2012, shifted 

gears with the project’s song craft. Sonically, it featured a more 

developed and refined dance oriented sound encompassing lush 

expansive instrumentation and brighter tonalities. An appearance by the 

Greek Balearic outfit Keep Shelly in Athens, and the unprecedented 

success of the second single “Kids” paved a new vantage point for the act. 

2014 marks the beginning of a new era. The sophomore LP "Together We 

Shine" is the culmination of 2 years of hard work and utter chaos. What 

was initially to be the follow up to 2011's “Shadows” was completely 

discarded, and a new vision infused with trance, progressive house and 

an array of other electronic dance genres was appropriated in the 

project's signature sound. One year into production, John’s hard drive 

was completely shredded and all of his back up files were error ridden— 

he was back to square one. Frustrated, dejected and in the midst of 

abandoning the album, he decided to give the writing process one more 

try. This collection of 11 tracks, featuring appearances by Dave Keuning 

(The Killers) on Smile, Starflyer 59 on Honest, and Sarah (Keep Shelly in 

Athens) on England, is the realization of that endeavor.