Artist Info

Leader Guitar, Singer, Songwriter
Drums, backing Vocals
Bass, Backing Vocals
Endorsed By:
Gretsch Guitars Joe Carducci


ONOFF get ready for the Bigtime Stateside

Irish band ONOFF had a simple plan, sell everything they owned, travel half way across the globe to California, make an album, become rock Gods, rule the world – Simple right!

The Rock n Roll Trio from Dundalk and Dublin driven by lead singer/songwriter "PAULIE", Bass-Player "DAVE" and Drummer "STEVIE 10 BEARS" have been part of many successful projects in Ireland and throughout Europe......but America, America, the home of Rock ʻn Roll, that is where its at, thatʼs the dream.

Now lets get it straight, these guys are no novices, the bandʼs debut European album 'DONT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT' put them on the cover of 3 major German music magazines, Stardust magazine, OX Fanzine & SLAM (Austria). This frenzy of activity was capped when ONOFF won the title of "Best Unsigned Irish Band" in a public vote by leading Irish Music Magazine HOTPRESS. This accolade provided the band the opportunity to HEADLINE the LIVE STAGE at the HOTPRESS 2009 MUSIC EXPO in the R.D.S Dublin alongside established Irish acts such as Snow Patrol, Imelda May, Glen Hansard and the Blizzards.

What followed was 3 years filled with 12 Headline tours of Europe including shows in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, England, France and 2 summer European Festival Tours. So takeoff guaranteed right? Well not exactly – as ONOFF boomed – Ireland and Europe busted! And while the band continued to tour and perform to rave reviews they yearned for more!

So how the hell did these guyʼs end up in Sunnyvale, California? A master plan of sorts was devised in a leaky van on the way home from a rain soaked Düsseldorf, Germany – well sort exacerbated tirade by Stevie, claiming that he was going “sell all of his shite, including the f**king van and go to Hollywood to live with a bunch of blondes in the sunshine,” was met with a few laughs but it got the lads thinking......we couldnʼt, could we? Nah, forget it....or maybe.....

Flash forward to summer 2014, ONOFF are locked in the studio in San Jose, California working on their nearly completed new album. As Paulie explains “sometimes the big risks, the ones that put your back up against the wall, the impossible dreams, are the ones worth fighting for.” If the first outtakes from the new album are any measure of whatʼs to come - ONOFF are about to hit Big time here in America!

To stay sharp, the band are playing a limited number of live shows in the San Francisco Bay Area before they launch their album and first US tour........Come out and see them in a small venue while you still can!


****ONOFF will blow away NAMM attendies with their live Rock show. The boys are currently recording their new US released disk in San Jose Ca. They are writing hit songs right now. These boys are professional musicians with major talent and love to play live as much as they can. Thanks for listening nd your time. Dan Lewerenz