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The Skariginals

Forged by musical soul mates Ryan Mowrey and Brayden Wiggins, The Skariginals were created to lift you up through song, dance, laughter and love. Their popsteady sounds drawn from ska, reggae, pop, and rock influences are here to make you dance, sing along and feel good. Whether you're listening to their records or experiencing one of their high-energy live shows you're gonna have a good time. Whether you play their songs for your three-year-old niece, your eighty-year-old grandma or your angsty thirteen year old son, they will all find something to enjoy. The Skariginals invite everyone to become one of their Skarigineers, make some friends and ultimately celebrate the joys of life through music.
The Skariginals fusion of their mass-appealing popsteady and their action-packed performances leave fans begging for more. Ska aficionado Erin White praises, “Seeing the Skariginals perform live is fun and lively for everyone, even those who have never heard their music. They were born to entertain and are fantastic crowd-pleasers!”
Drawing from their talented pools of fellow USC and Cal Poly Pomona music students, Brayden and Ryan assembled a team of the most fun-loving dudes to complete their roster and bring their music to life. The Skariginals quickly gained momentum after dropping jaws at their very first gig and Battle of the Bands and soon, more shows and an EP were soon in demand. They went to work immediately on their debut EP “Part of Your Balanced Breakfast”.
After the release of "Part of Your Balanced Breakfast", things started moving fast for The Skariginals! They quickly booked gigs for the remainder of 2013 throughout Southern California, received airplay on ska radio shows around the world, and they gained the attention of the one and only Tazy Phillips of Ska Parade taking the #1 single of the week on his radio show multiple times, playing at his birthday show, and earning the #4 spot on the top 50 songs of 2013 with "Magic of the Moment".
In January 2014, The Skariginals released their first music video to rave reviews. They continue to push towards bigger and better things, continuing to play throughout SoCal and working on some new popsteady gems for their next EP as well as working towards collaborations, tours, and even more uplifting original content. Keep an eye on these guys, there's lots more to come!