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Art Vista Productions
Snake Oil - Tony Newton's Fusion Classic (Tony Williams Lifetime)
Mars Eclipse - Tony Newton's version of Gustav Holst's classic
One People - from Tony Newton TNT XTREME "Thunderfunkfusion"

Tony Newton TNT XTREME

"Tony Newton started out at 13 playing bass with blues greats John Lee Hooker and Little Walter in Detroit.  At 17 he went on to become staff bass player at Motown alongside James Jamerson, where he became musical director for Smokey Robinson and the Miracles and played bass on the first European Motown Revue Tour. After Motown he moved on and became one of the first artists who forged the fusion genre together with drummer Tony Williams. Later he joined Gary Moore G-force. He has hundreds of gold records, and has worked and recorded with too many super star artists to mention. He has never stopped his musical creative journey, and his music embodies the most successful era in American music history. It will be a rare opportunity for the NAMM audience to experience the Tony Newton TNT XTREME." - Hans Adamson, President, Art Vista Productions.

- Can you say "funk and Fusion" in the same sentence. Apparently so! Legendary multi-talented musician-composer Tony Newton describes this 14 track dynamic music presentation as: Motown meets Hendrix meets Miles. The Motown Funk and Jazz-Rock-Fusion master can speak from experience. Playing in the Motown family and the "Funk Brothers", as well as being a founding architect of the Jazz-Rock-Fusion genre from his two year, two LP recording and touring stint with Miles Davis Drummer Tony Williams and the Lifetime. Newton skyrocketed the association to the cutting edge of the high-energy and passionate style writing the now classic compositions, "Snake Oil and Red Alert" on the CBS critically acclaimed "Believe It" offering and lead vocalizing the funky, "You Did It To Me Baby" on "Million Dollar Legs" the second project from these exceptional music artists. As a testament to the quality of these compositions, these recordings have become classics and are still selling strong today even after more than 25 years.Newton a masterful Bassist-Keyboardist-Vocalist shows that he is fully in touch with his powers of musical expression, creating an astounding blend of delicate balances of deep, soulful Funk in combination with the high-energy power, and intensity of jazz-rock-fusion. Newton takes the genre to a new level of artistic creativity in contemporary music's evolution forward. Folks, this is a true representation of genuine exceptional music expression.