Candomusos – Bringing the Disabled Musician Into the Mainstream

Start Time:
3:00 pm
David Segal (Moderator)
Sunday, Jan 25


Dom Famularo, Andrew Hewitt, Joe Hardy and Mike Mignogna
Master Class (202 A)
1 hr.

Candomusos was established to become the global voice for challenged musicians throughout the world. Our aim is to promote and assist musicians with any kind of disability by helping them to bridge the gap between talent and limitations; while providing support and access to resources. The name comes from the idea that having a "Can-Do attitude" is the first step toward success. "Muso" is a term used in England and Australia to describe musicians with a passion and dedication to their music. The two words joined together form a unique name which defines both our vision and mission.


David Segal - David started drumming in 1983, trying to play the opening beat for U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday. Since then he has played with top jazz musicians from around the world, performing at venues including Carnegie Hall and Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at Lincoln Center in New York City.

One of the things that David had to figure out was how to hold the drumstick with his left-hand. He was born with Arthrogryposis, which affects the development of bones, muscles and nerves in the extremities. It left his hands & feet clubbed and required 12 corrective surgeries.

 David has been featured in Jules Follett’s book Sticks’n’Skins. He endorses – Regal Tip, Sabian, RimRiserUSA and GRIP Solutions.
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Dom Famularo - Known as "Drumming's Global Ambassador," Dom has been travelling the globe preaching the gospel of drumming for over 30 years. An intense performer, Dom is one of the most respected solo drum artists in the world, with a career built solely upon his unique skills as a drummer, educator, author and motivational speaker.

 Dom Endorses - Vic Firth, Mapex, Sabian and Evans. For Dom's full bio, please visit

Mike Mignogna - Born with Cerebral Palsy, Mike has played drums since he was 11 years old. Utilizing a floor tom for a bass drum, Mike has honed his skills, and written a book to assist other drummers with challenges, entitled "Look Ma No Feet."

"Look Ma No Feet" is a practical approach to the drum set for someone with limited or no use of their legs.
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Joe Hardy- Joe isn’t a stranger to The NAMM Show, he has appeared there in the past with his unique custom wheelchair drum kit. He plays in UNIT 287 who gig regularly at The House of Blues in Anaheim. His experience and past bands have included everything from Heavy Metal to Country Rock, and even a little bit of Jazz. His drumming style has been described as hard hitting and powerful. Read more information about Joe here

Andrew Hewitt - Dubbed as "Australia's most inspirational drummer," Andrew is starting to become one of the most talked about drummers on the national and international drumming and disability communities. He was born with Cerebral Palsy, which restricts movement in his arms and legs, which forces him to use a wheelchair. This has made drumming a very serious challenge. 

Andrew Endorses – Vic Firth, Pearl, Zildjian and Remo. For Andrew's full bio, please visit