The High Resolution Audio Movement

Start Time:
1:00 pm
Cookie Marenco
Saturday, Jan 24


Cookie Marenco, Matty Karas and Quiles & Cloud
The Forum (203 A-B)
1 hr.

This panel will explain what High-Resolution Audio is and talk about how your company might take advantage of this lucrative revenue stream.  High-Resolution Audio can especially benefit indie artists and small companies willing to go after this dedicated niche.Cookie Marenco and Matty Karas will engage in a conversation that will benefit mainstream music aficionados who are wondering whether they should take the plunge into high resolution audio. Marenco will offer stats from recent trends and no nonsense predictions for HRA in 2015.  Special industry guests will be available to answer technical questions during an audience Q&A.Musical duo, Quiles & Cloud, will demonstrate how easy it is for any ensemble to record in High-Resolution Audio.  The duo will record one song for upload to the internet and playback on the new Sony Walkman.


About Panel


Cookie Marenco - Cookie Marenco, founder of Blue Coast Music, shares her experiences as a recording engineer, independent label, music distributor and reseller of High Resolution Audio products. Marenco will describe the six stages of audio where HRA products and services could enhance your business.


Matty Karas - Matty Karas is the music curator for MediaREDEFINED, a newsletter and website featuring the latest news in media, music, tech and other interests targeted toward execs and insiders in those fields.  Karas provides a broad spectrum of industry news that touches on all genres of music.  MediaREDEFINED founder, Jason Hirschhorn, was co-president of MySpace and a former executive at MTV.


Quiles & Cloud - Maria Quiles and Rory Cloud are a fast rising acoustic music duo. They represent the new generation of artists who are dedicated to live performance and skillful musicianship. This young duo has won numerous performance awards while touring the United States.