Music Education Days

Music Education Days

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Produced by the NAMM Foundation, Music Education Days is a NAMM Show exclusive opportunity for music educators, school administrators and school board members. Music Education Days gives music education professionals one-of-a-kind exposure to the latest in music product innovation.

"Now in its seventh year, Music Education Days continues to celebrate and support music educators in their very important role of inspiring children to learn to play music," said Mary Luehrsen, executive director of the NAMM Foundation. "This event brought together music education professionals to network with the industry and each other, but it also offered tools to create even better music programs in their districts."

Feedback from past attendees:

"MED provided a wealth of knowledge, ideas and direction. The activities and music products inspire me to inspire others. No matter what you know, there's always more to learn!"

"It reminds me of the important work I do with young children involving choral work. It's not just for the beauty and joy of it but it lays a foundation for children when they choose to transition to an instrument."

"These events keep me aware of the changes and innovations in product. It does expand my music education goals by impacting my curriculum in a very positive way."

"I was able to bring my knowledge that I developed while at the NAMM show to my school site. In which has given my Principal a better insight of what can be accomplished through music in the classroom."

"I prefer to make contact with the manufacturer directly before going through a distributor when deciding what musical instrument and program I'm going to try to bring to my classroom. NAMM allows me to do just that."

"I looked at items normally I would not have and was surprised how well the fix would be. I am now using them in my lessons."

"When talking to administrators about the future of my program, having some of the items in mind that I saw on the floor will help me project how my program can improve, especially as technology is changing so quickly. Staying abreast of the changes companies have made in their products or new products and having set aside this time to focus on just this will help me plan my budget goals for next year. Thanks for the opportunity. I will be back next year."

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