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Sunday, January 24, 2016 — 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm

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Armed with a voice, an instrument, and a keen sense of crafting a song, Alfa Garcia has been hailed as "an artist who has a spectrum of colors in her palette, a songwriter with a knack for tickling a mainstream ear" (Music Connection Magazine., Jan 2014).  But her versatility reaches beyond the studio: A fun, energetic live show features Alfa's indie pop style, an "extremely soulful voice" and a revolving door of instruments - a recipe that has landed her opening slots for major acts like Sam Smith and Us the Duo. While she's known for a smart, thought-provoking flair, audiences from Maine to California have seen Alfa pour her musical sincerity onto a crowd, with a disarming charm she's learned from years on the road.

"Smart, articulate and not a little bit flirtatious, Alfa Garcia brings an extremely strong mic presence, and with the help of a dexterous, organic backup band she pushes her material to its commercial limits." - MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE

"Alfa captivated Wake Forest's student body ... She was the best acoustic artist we've had yet!" - WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY

"A college alumna who plays the guitar, piano, violin, ukulele and sings like a bird's song -  its safe to say this is what constitutes being well-rounded...perfect for fans of acoustic artists like Sara Bareilles and Feist." - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE

"She commands the stage in a way that invites you to listen to her words and let it move you." - Paul Kim, founder, KOLLABORATION

"There is something so appealing about her voice... something that makes you want to see what else she has to say." - INDIE MUSIC REVIEWER

"Alfa has the kind of voice that makes you want to hear her sing everything, including phone conversations and orders for French fries." - INCOGNITO MAGAZINE

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