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Saturday, January 21, 2017 — 11:59 pm to 12:40 am

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Flashback Heart Attack

Playing 100+ shows a year Flashback Heart Attack is a headlining act that takes any event to the next level. From OC but playing internationally, Flashback has headlined some of the biggest events in the country and  has garnered such awards as "Best Live Band 2013" from the OC Weekly among others. Flashback also does events for the local Anaheim teams The Anaheim Ducks and Angels.

Flashback headlined opening night of the NAMM Hilton party 2013 and made instant fans of everyone in attendance with accolades from critically acclaimed guitarist Gary Hoey, Guns and Roses' Tommy Stinson and members of The Romantics. Last year, both Gary and Tommy said they would join Flashback for a jam if they are in town.

Flashback has headlined events for 10k plus people. The band has a stunning live show and leaves everyone in attendance with a feeling of wanting more, winning fans over wherever they go.

Gustav Graf is a witness and a fan of the Flashback Heart Attack performance last year as were other Hilton executives. It's high energy.  Put Flashback on the biggest stage in front of the biggest crowds and you will have one memorable event.

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