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Friday, January 22, 2016 — 11:00 am to 11:40 am

Artist Info

Vocals, Piano
Endorsed By:
Guitar Center

Guitar Center Singer Songwriter 4 Winner: Lanita Smith

She composes the soundtracks of life...Vocalist, composer, and visionary.

A native of Fayetteville, NC, Lanita’s love of music began while sitting next to the piano player at church. From taking private lessons to learning “by ear”, she has worked hard through the years to perfect her skills as a pianist. Lanita later moved to Memphis, TN where she expanded her skill set to include the violin, saxophone, guitar, vocal performance, and songwriting. A graduate of Overton High School and the University of Memphis, she has been featured in the University of Memphis group Sound Fuzion as lead keyboardist.

The hand picked winner by Don Was as the Guitar Center Singer Songwriter 4 has worked with artist such as Don Was, Colbie Caillat, German American Idol judge Mandy Capistro, James Gadsen, and more. Lanita is currently pursuing her dream of being a musician, artist and composer.

She is music. She is life. She is Lanita Smith.

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