Performance Info

Thursday, January 21, 2016 — 11:00 am to 11:40 am

Artist Info

Baritone Guitar/Lead Vocals
Ghosts in This Town
Past the Graveyard

Matt Stone

An award winning California Folk and Americana performing songwriter, Matt Stone’s songs come together like roadside folk art sculptures made from found objects. He takes the familiar and the forgotten and casts them forth with his unique perspective. His live performances are laced with humor and stories as he befriends his audience and takes them on a visual and emotional journey over the course of an evening.

His debut album, Northern Lights, was released in May 2013 and has garnered airplay on folk, country and Americana radio across the USA, Europe, and as far away as Australia.

Alternate Finalist - 2015 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriter Showcase for his song "Redwood"

Winner - Best Americana Song, 2015 West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest for his song "Ghosts in this Town"

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